Research Profile: Sue Alman


Statement of Research Interests and Experience

My research interests are in the areas of interpersonal and organizational communications, online teaching and learning, blockchain technology, and library marketing. I have been involved with distance and online education since the 1990s, and I directed the online MLIS program at the University of Pittsburgh (2001-2012). My most recent research studies have focused on MOOCs, and the social and cognitive presence as factors in learning and student retention and in the Personal Information Management (PIM) of LIS faculty. Currently, I am involved in a project to determine the feasibility of libraries as community anchors using blockchain technology.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • Uses of Blockchain technology in libraries and information centers
  • Effects of interpersonal communications in virtual environments
  • Personal Information Management (PIM) models
  • Impact of marketing and public relations on library funding
  • Issues in online education for the library practitioner and library user

Representative Publications and Professional Activities

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