Uploading Adobe Presenter Presentations to amazon.sjsu.edu Using eXtplorer


Once you publish your Adobe Presenter presentation, you will need to upload it to the iSchool Media Server (amazon.sjsu.edu). There are two methods for doing so: One is using an SFTP client, and the other is using the eXtplorer Web-based File Managment system. This tutorial will cover how to upload your Adobe Presenter presentation using the eXtplorer Web-based File Management system. A tutorial on using SFTP is available here.

  1. When publishing your Adobe Presenter presentation, be sure to note the setting that you chose for Location, and under Output Options be sure to select the “Zip package” option:

  2. Contact Abigail Laufer and request an account on the iSchool Media Server (amazon.sjsu.edu). Also let her know that you will be uploading your files via the eXtplorer Web-based File Management system.
  3. After receiving your amazon login information from Abigail Laufer, go to the following URL: https://amazon.sjsu.edu/myextplorer/ and log in using the account information that was provided to you.
  4. First, you need to create a new directory in which to place your presentation. To create a new directory, click on the New Directory button (circled in red in the image below):

  5. In the Create New File/Directory dialog, type in the name of the new directory.

    Directory Naming Guidelines:
    Under Type, select Directory.

  • The directory name will become part of the URL for your presentation. So use something short but logical.
  • Do not use spaces in the directory name.
  • Only use alphanumeric characters in the directory name. With the exception of underscores or dashes (which can be used to simulate spaces), do not use any special characters in the directory name.
  1. On the left-hand side, under Directory Tree, click on the blue Reload button (the icon with two blue arrows circling each other) in order to refresh your directory listing. The directory that you just created should now be listed. Click on the new directory in order to navigate to it:

  2. In the eXtplorer interface, locate and click on the blue up arrow button:

  3. Under Upload file(s), click on the Browse button:

  4. Browse to the location where you published your Adobe Presenter presentation in Step 1. You should see a ZIP file. Select the ZIP file and then click on the Open button:

  5. On the Upload file(s) screen, your ZIP file should now be listed under File 1. Verify this and then click on the Save button:

  6. After your ZIP file uploads successfully, it will show up under eXtplorer. Click once on the ZIP file in order to select it (it will become highlighed in blue once it has been selected) and then click on the Extract Archive button (circled in red in the image below):

  7. You’ll be prompted as to whether or not you want to extract the file. Answer Yes.

  8. You’ll receive a blue screen with a bunch of text and an OK button at the bottom. Click on the OK button.

  9. Click on the Reload button at the top to refresh.

  10. After reloading, you should now see additional files listed in that directory.

  11. Click on the Red button (circled in red below) to log out of eXtplorer:

  12. Next, you need to figure out the URL for your presentation. The basic format is the following: http://amazon.sjsu.edu/html–myusername/presenter/directoryname where “myusername” is replaced with your username, and “directoryname” is replaced with the name of the directory that you created in Step #5.

    For example, for the test presentation done for this tutorial, the URL is: http://amazon.sjsu.edu/html-slaufer/presenter/Week1/
  13. The final step is to create a link in ANGEL to your presentation.

    Log into ANGEL. Under Lessons, click on Add Content, and then click on Link:

    Under New Link, on the Content tab, enter a Title, set the Link Target (we recommend that you set Link Target to New Window), and enter the Link URL. As usual, click on Save to save your settings:

    Finally, click on the link in ANGEL and verify that your presentation launches and plays successfully.