Design Thinking Concept Map
Viola Allo, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - Design Thinking

Design Thinking Concept Map

Viola Allo: “I created this Design Thinking Concept Map  for the INFO 287 Design Thinking Seminar taught by Dr. Steven Bell. My concept map provides a comprehensive summary of the course content while illustrating all the stages of the design thinking process. It included concepts that are related to design thinking and that are applicable for library settings, as well as design thinking resources that LIS professionals can use. The design thinking process is a wonderful way to create positive change through collaboration, and the process begins with empathy. I view the design thinking process and empathic design in libraries as acts of loving-kindness–as love in action and love by design.”

Viola Allo

Viola Allo is in the MLIS program and works in several public and academic library settings in the Sacramento area. She is a published poet and certified yoga instructor. She holds a BA in psychology and MA in cultural anthropology. She loves working in public services in both academic and public libraries. In addition, she designs and teaches yoga-based mindfulness and meditation workshops for libraries.