Skilltype Library Talent Platform


Skilltype Library Talent Platform

Are you wondering if you have the skills and competencies needed to work in a certain position in a different type of library? Now you can use the Skilltype system to see what skills you may have gaps in and strengthen them while you’re still in grad school. Skilltype uses linked data to create personalized training plans.

Through an agreement with Skilltype, the iSchool is giving MLIS students access to the Skilltype database of job skills aggregated by actual library jobs and job announcements from library partners worldwide and thousands of on-demand library training resources. Skilltype’s data set comprises a controlled vocabulary of LIS competencies, interests, job roles, and training. Students will be exposed to real-world competencies and organizational skill gaps.

How Do I Sign Up?

The iSchool has purchased 133 Skilltype user licenses for current students enrolled in the MLIS program, with a priority on students who are in their last semester and are planning to seek new positions that an MLIS degree affords them. The licenses are available for current students for one year and will be reassigned upon graduation.

If you are interested in securing one of the Skilltype licenses, please complete this form:

About Skilltype

Skilltype is a library software company specializing in using data to create modern talent management workflows. Libraries across six countries use Skilltype to provide personalized training to their employees, identify skill gaps, and make data-informed decisions on whether to recruit, reskill, or share expertise. Skilltype was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.