Here, Queer, Underserved
Hayden Birkett, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 200 - Information Communities

Here, Queer, and Underserved

LGBTQIA+ youth are underserved in libraries across America, and in every community libraries serve. This paper addresses the informational needs and information seeking behaviors of LGBTQIA+ (also referred to as “queer”) youth demographic, touches briefly on why this information community is dramatically underserved by libraries, community centers, and schools, and the impact ignoring an entire community has within that community. This paper will bring up the methodologies used to examine this information community, as well as several articles and organizations that acknowledge and present the statistical information related to LGBTQIA+ youth and their “at-risk” status. The paper will dive into the realities many LGBTQIA+ youth face, and what libraries should offer to help their underserved patrons connect to the resources they need. It will address ways libraries can turn the failed relationship with LGBTQIA+ youth into a positive partnership with LGBTQIA+ youth and queer organizations that will benefit the community.

Hayden Birkett profile picture

I’m Hayden Birkett, a queer Library Technician in Southern California. I have been in the library business for over 7 years and just started my Masters in Information and Library Science journey via San Jose State University. I am excited to pair a new degree with my years of experience and gain more experiences in the future. My goal is to be a Teen or Youth Librarian at a public library and continue to encourage learning, literacy, and diversity in my local communities. 
My passions include nature, writing, and decorating everything I see with art. I have my own art corner of the internet, where you can find me under the handle Hayden Marie Creations. I enjoy drawing fantasy, characters from my novels, animals, people, and fan art for various media. I have used my art to create library displays, posters, and have taught art classes at several public libraries.