Implementation: Ideation and User Testing
Marian Griffin, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 251 - Web Usability

Joke meme: Idea of perfect date? dd/mm/yyyy

Marian created a 15-slide presentation that incorporated a collection of meme images to convey broader meaning, interest, and understanding. The slides engaged the peer audience and the professor, to which the presentation was delivered, and demonstrated an understanding of the course content as it applied to the specific assignment. The slides and memes Marian used were also able to draw from class concepts to inform the presentation message itself in an interesting and unique way.

Marian Griffin photo

Marian Griffin is a graduate student in the MLIS program and currently lives in the Central Valley of California. Marian was raised in the California Bay Area and attended Southern Virginia University after high school, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English in 2010. Marian has three children and is excited to continue her education after spending the past ten years as a parent and homemaker. In her spare time, she loves to read, bake, write, be outside with her family, talk about books to anyone who will listen, and learn new things.