The Joy Lab
Margaret Snyder, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - The Hyperlinked Library

The Joy Lab project cover

The Joy Lab is a project proposal for summer programming at Lacey Timberland Regional Public Library. The Joy Lab provides a space dedicated to changing, learning, flourishing and doing the unexpected. The initial Joy Lab programs focus on three crucial service areas: local education and literacy, helping local job seekers and provide resources for students, and offer inclusive programming on digital tools for children, students and seniors. This project highlights to stakeholders that Joy Lab will convince key demographics of teens/young adults, parents, and seniors that by coming to the library this summer to connect and learn they will enjoy their summer more, feel less isolated, and learn new technology and resources which will build excitement for, and utilization of, the library, because Lacey public library is a rich, thriving, resilient organization worthy of your support as it provides exciting, inclusive and essential services to the community.

Picture Margaret Snyder

Margaret Snyder: I am a current SJSU iSchool MLIS graduate student, a research assistant, the current SJSU iSchool career blogger, the incoming Editor and Chief of the iSchool’s remarkable OA double-peer reviewed journal SRJ, and a full-time mom of a terrifyingly vocal 2-year old. I had the distinct pleasure to work with Dr. Stephens on an independent study project; he is such a visionary in the field that I knew I had to take his Info 287-14 Hyperlinked Library course. It was such a fantastic learning opportunity that really elevated my ability to be creative and explore the future of libraries and our use of technology as a tool to expand impact.