Online Learning Experiences Around the Globe
Nicole Walker, 2020 Showcase

Showcase INFO 232 - Issues in Public Libraries

Online Learning Experiences Around the Globe

Online Learning Experiences Around the Globe: This research-oriented paper is an exploration of the way libraries are reaching out to at-risk patrons who cannot physically visit the library. Its intention was to analyze the various tools and ways that libraries create experiences through online and digital platforms to reach patrons. It also looked at the current COVID-19 crisis and closure of libraries, which places a high percentage of the population into the at-risk category, and the outlook and potential changes within library systems that may take place as a result.

Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker is a current middle school and high school English teacher pursuing a degree in library sciences. Walker lives in Boise, Idaho, although she grew up in San Jose, California. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Literature and minoring in Journalism from San Francisco State University, and then served as a Teach for America teacher for two years in Nampa, Idaho. She intends to work in reference services in an academic library, or youth services in a public library after graduation from the MLIS program in Spring of 2021.