Project Management – Managing Client Expectations
Charlene Brewer, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 282 - Project Management

Managing Client Expectations

One of the most important parts of any project is managing client expectations. If the client is not satisfied, the project is not going to be considered a success. The key to client satisfaction is managing client expectations from the start, although it is important during every phase of a project. This presentation includes an analysis of the practice of managing client expectations through the lens of Traditional Project Management, a collection of best practices, a brief Traditional Project Management timeline, and references.

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Charlene Brewer: With a background in Liberal Studies, I enjoy making connections between a myriad of subjects, and find it thrilling when each draws upon the next, like a giant puzzle. I often find this to be the case with library studies as well, where thinking outside of established parameters and using unique resources to make things come together is a great asset. My professional interest lies in the investigation of the Digital Divide. Three of my passions are reading, writing, and singing. I have the rewarding and challenging blessing of being the mother of two young children, and work at a small local public library, while attending and working at SJSU as a graduate student and student assistant. I get to express my love of singing as cantor for our local Catholic Church, and occasionally I write poetry.