Promoting Civility
Stacey Mitzel, Naomi Pavan, and Dana Vanzanten, 2019 Showcase

Promoting Civility

This group presentation using Canva discusses the meaning of civility, the dangers inherent when it is absent in the workplace, and best practices for ensuring that it is practiced meaningfully in organizations.

Stacey Mitzel

Stacey Mitzel is in her first semester of the MLIS program, after 14 years in her English classroom. She is a busy mom of three who has much to learn about how to prioritize a graduate program on top of their full lives! In addition, she will be the Teacher Librarian at her middle child’s Middle School – a fact that she and her child have varying opinions about.

Naomi Pavan

Naomi Pavan keeps libraries relevant through modern, community-centered services. She guides information seekers to reliable sources by teaching them how to use resources of any format. She is in a mobile library, at schools, and at community events engaging with the public. She seeks to modernize operational principles to raise library visibility in the community.

Dana Vanzanten

Dana Vanzanten is Manager, Programming and Community Development at St. Thomas Public Library in Ontario, Canada. Prior to taking on this role, she worked as both a Library Assistant and a Library Services Coordinator. Before entering the library world, she earned both a B.A. and an M.A. in philosophy. She is currently enrolled in the MLIS program at San Jose State University and plans to graduate in Spring 2020.