Social Media/Future Technologies’ Impact on Communication
Kay Wolverton Ito, William Ortiz, Lorena Romero, and Gina Rosser-Burnett, 2019 Showcase

Social Media/Future Technologies' Impact on Communication

For better or worse, social media is increasingly an avenue of communication for children, adolescents, and adults. What constitutes social media continues to expand, making the topic of social media’s impact on communication a broad topic. This presentation focuses on the aspect of social media as a communication mode within the context of public, school, and academic libraries. We explore some of the methods of and implications for its use among various age and cultural groups, and suggest some possible future technologies that might affect communication between libraries and their users.

Kay Wolverton Ito

Kay Wolverton Ito currently works as the Volunteer Coordinator in a one-branch public library in Camarillo, California. Her background is in non-profits and education. She is a lifelong learner and ardent volunteer. She is pursuing my MLIS with the goal of utilizing her community engagement and leadership skills to serve the community through public and/or school librarianship.

William Ortiz

William Ortiz is an educator from Los Angeles. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from UC Santa Cruz and his Adult Education Teaching Credential through the University of San Diego. After two years of working as a STEM teacher in an incarcerated setting, he began a year of service with AmeriCorps as an Academic Coach at the University of Alaska. In 2019, he was awarded the Alaska Library Association’s Conference Attendance Scholarship in Juneau, Alaska. He continues to work to bring information literacy and education to disenfranchised communities.

Lorena Romero

Lorena Romero is currently working Out-of-Class as a Children’s Librarian. Born and raised in Mexico City, she is passionate about representing all cultures and peoples in libraries and providing educational opportunities to all children.

Gina Rosser-Burnett

Gina Rosser-Burnett lives in Long Island, NY. She works for the Federal Government and works as a consultant for start-up companies. She’s spent her career as a developer, business analyst, project manager, and IT Manager. When Gina was elected a library trustee in her community, she became interested in Library Management and enrolled in SJSU/ iSchool’s Master of Library and Information Science program. Gina knows that her technical, managerial, and leadership skills along with an acquired MLIS degree from the iSchool will contribute to the growth of libraries.