Spotify Is the Future
Traci Lyn Mitchell and Margaret Snyder, 2018 Showcase

Showcase INFO 246 - Information Architecture

Title Card for Spotify Project

The purpose of our Spotify is the Future project, is to create a flexible and efficient redesign of the information architecture of Spotify that will meet the needs of current users, while also allowing Spotify to continue to remain on the cutting edge of music streaming by facilitating the continued growth of its base as technology and the market place evolve. This will be accomplished by creating a new interface that will be more efficient and user-friendly for both consumers and content creators.

Picture Traci Lyn Mitchell

Traci resides in Los Angeles, CA and is currently in the MLIS program at SJSU. Passionate about digital curation and the important contribution of archives to society, she was honored to be a contributing researcher for The International Directory of National Archives. Traci holds a BA in History from UCLA with an emphasis on the History of Science and when she’s not studying, she enjoys rock hounding, watching YouTube, and spending quality time with her parrot, Rico.

Picture Margaret Snyder

Margaret Snyder is an SJSU MLIS student who is the current SJSU iSchool career blogger and a research assistant to Dr. Sandra Hirsh. Margaret just finished an amazing experience as a TA for an SJSU MOOC on Blockchain and decentralized technology for information professionals. She loves learning how advances in technology and information sharing and management innovations can benefit users through increased affordability and access. Margaret is passionate about user experience and online aggregators for artistic content, such as the music streaming services covered in this project.