Technology and the Law: Closing the Justice Gap
Susan Groux, 2019 Showcase

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This presentation begins by providing some troubling statistics about the lack of access that the majority of low-income Americans have to adequate legal help in civil law cases. By using examples of how technology is making information about laws and legal representation more accessible and inexpensive, it provides a possible solution for making legal justice possible for parties who have been previously been alienated within the legal system. 

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Susan Groux has her M.A. in Psychology and is in her first year as an M.L.I.S. student at San Jose State University. She has worked in the public library arena for the past four years and was most recently the Director of Programs for the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation. She is interested in combining her training as a marriage and family counselor with the power of emerging technologies in order to better help individuals as well as to further the implementation of social justice in the wider context of society today.