Unified Surveillance Systems: Data Mining with PeekYou, GPS, and Facial Recognition
Jessica Berger, MLIS, CIPM, 2019 Showcase

Unified Surveillance Systems: Data Mining with PeekYou, GPS, and Facial Recognition (cover image)

Copyright the British Journal of Data Protection and Privacy & Henry Stewart Publications, 2019. Reprinted with permission.

Unified surveillance systems threaten to unlock a portal to mass surveillance, swift round-ups, incarceration, and deportation. By combining data from an array of
 people tracking technologies, governments and corporations can now instantly locate and monitor entire populations in real-time. This paper unveils the mechanics of how these technologies are bound together within the fabric of our daily lives, silently invading our privacy.

Ongoing coerced assent to mass surveillance need not remain our global fate. The United States Constitution, in particular, the Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, offers citizens protection from the systematized misapplication of these invasive and largely covert programs. As such, it is never too late to alter the course of history so that we amplify these technology’s attributes while protecting all people from the abuse inherent in their utilization.

Berger, J. (2019, January). Unified surveillance systems: Data mining with PeekYou, GPS and facial recognition. Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, 2(4), 368–374. The research for this paper was originally undertaken in the Summer of 2016 in for INFO 202 – Information Retrieval System Design.

Jessica Berger

Jessica Berger, MLIS graduated from SJSU in 2018.  She interned as the Wikipedia Library’s Information Security and Records Manager and is currently a researcher for TeenLife Media.  She is forever grateful to the outstanding faculty and staff of the SJSU School of Information.