We Have a Plan!
Emily DiGiulio, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 282 - Project Management

Title card: Planning Library Projects

Libraries work to acquire and ensure access to materials, provide programming and outreach, and market services and resources. Taking on these activities through project management fits well with the goals of libraries with an approach that has a definite start and end. Successful project management in libraries results in measurable benefits to stakeholders and the community requires planning. This presentation explores the role of project planning in rural library project management through a review of the literature and a discussion of project management practices that promote success.

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Emily DiGiulio is pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science degree at the iSchool. Emily is a native of New Jersey and is a graduate of Binghamton University and the University of Connecticut. Over the past several years, Emily has worked as a teacher and an elementary school librarian. In the MLIS program, her focus is on public librarianship and she currently works as a librarian in a combined school and public library. Emily lives in Essex Junction, Vermont.