Web Archiving Project: Urban Farming Collection
Angela Hummel, Shelby Silvernell, and Naomi Rene Trujillo, 2019 Showcase

Web Archiving Project: Urban Farming Collection

The purpose of this web archiving project was to design, execute and critique a web crawl using Archive-It (specialized open-source software) to harvest and preserve a humanities web-based collection that will be permanently hosted at the Internet Archive.

Angela Hummel

Angela Hummel is a marketing professional and small business owner with a life-long love of libraries and books and a professional interest in information organization and access. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University and will earn an MLIS from San José State University in Spring 2020.

Shelby Silvernell

Shelby Silvernell lives in Chicago and work full-time at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Imaging department. She is the archives manager for the museum’s institutional photographic archives. Silvernell has a background in photography (BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art), and she has been volunteering, interning, and working in a photography, collections management, and exhibitions capacity in the GLAM field for the last decade.

Naomi Rene Trujillo

Naomi Rene Trujillo: I took this class as part of the Strategic Management of Digital Assets and Services certificate. I come to these classes as part of my work as a project manager and graphic designer in the field communications in higher ed. In general, my role is that of a creative operations manager. Some of my responsibilities include managing the workflow of comms projects from start to finish and facilitating the production and management of the resources, assets, and branding elements that are collected and used in these projects. This includes our digital assets management system. I’ve learned so much from the classes I’ve taken and have been able to utilize much of what I’ve learned here at work.