What if…Libraries Adopted Linked Data for Users?
Dr. Mary Vasudeva, 2018 Showcase

Showcase INFO 282 - Seminar in Library Management

What if…Libraries Adopted Linked Data for Users? This Prezi presentation, after providing a brief introduction to linked data, explores the uses of linked data as a tool for users and encourages Information Professionals to imagine how linked data could be used to increase engagement and participation in the organization. It explains why libraries would want to do this and how it adds value to libraries.

Dr. Mary Vasudeva

Dr. Mary Vasudeva has her Ph.D. in English and is expected to graduate in May 2018 with her MLIS at San Jose State University. This summer she completed an internship with Wikipedia working on Open Access. She is interested in social justice issues and technology as they relate to infoliteracy. She currently teaches composition and critical thinking at San Ramon College, and has just written the writing and speaking sections to a Critical Thinking textbook in its twelfth edition, Asking the Right Questions. She lives in the East Bay with her husband and enjoys cooking, reading and hiking.

What if…Libraries Adopted Linked Data for Users?