Brenden Gilbert
Technology Leader, CEO, and Accessibility Advocate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Brenden Gilbert

Brenden Gilbert, a Deaf technology leader and American Sign Language user, stands at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly bridging accessibility gaps and tackling complex technological challenges.

As the visionary CEO and founder of Deaf Eye Consulting, Brenden’s expertise empowers companies such as VSL Labs (, where he guides technology and product strategy, or Convo Communications (

Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Brenden’s prowess shone as a lead global product hardware engineer at Meta, where he spearheaded the successful integration of GPU (AI/ML) server platforms across 20 Data Center regions worldwide.

His unwavering commitment to excellence earned him recognition as a true problem-solver and a driving force behind technological advancements.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Brenden’s passion for retro game consoles and exploring the world through travel adds a unique dimension to his multifaceted persona. His zest for life and his unwavering dedication to bridging the accessibility divide make him an inspiration to all.