Eryn Duffee
Certified Teacher Librarian and Library Advocacy Leader


Eryn is a certified teacher librarian at a K12 school near Seattle, Washington. She works diligently to teach homeschooled students research and information literacy skills. However, her favorite part of the job is helping students who claim not to enjoy reading find books they love.

Eryn’s passion for advocacy work began during her time in graduate school. Since then, she has taken on leadership roles in committees such as ALA’s Committee on Library Advocacy (COLA), Tennessee Library Association’s Advocacy and Legislative Committees, Washington Library Association’s Advocacy and Legislative Committees, and WLA’s School Library Division Board. In 2023, Eryn received the Library Journal Movers and Shakers Award for her library advocacy efforts. She was nominated for the award by her colleague, Sarah Logan.

Eryn played a key role in establishing the Tennessee Library Ecosystem Coalition based on the principles she learned while serving on the ALA Ecosystems Subcommittee. This work helped Tennessee earn the Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Award. Eryn is co-authoring a book on library ecosystems and advocacy, which ALA plans to publish in 2024.