4th Annual VCARA Conference “Digital Stewardship and Knowledge Dissemination in the 21st Century”


Fourth Annual VCARA Conference

Digital Stewardship and Knowledge Dissemination in the 21st Century

Wednesday, May 22 – from 5:30 to 8 p.m. SLT (pacific)

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SJSU%20SLIS/54/74/33.

The Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA) of San Jose State University is sponsoring our fourth annual conference “Digital Stewardship and Knowledge Dissemination,” in the virtual meeting and learning spaces on SLIS Island. The conference aims to promote the impact of archivists, records administrators and digital curators on the future of knowledge dissemination in the context of cultural heritage institutions.

  • Keynotes (5:30 to 6:30 p.m. SLT):
    • Dr. Valerie Hill, Instructor at Lewisville ISD and Texas Woman’s University, will present on Virtual Content Disseminated through a MOOC. Researcher explored potential for dissemination of virtual content through role-play as a student in the Anne Frank MOOC (massively open online course). The MOOC utilized Moodle Open Source Course Management System and a 3D immersive virtual world called “The Islands of Enlightenment”. From the perspective of a student, Dr. Hill participated in the Anne Frank MOOC and created user-generated content for 10 assignments using online tools and methods.
    • Jason Kaltenbacher, MARA Instructor and Independent Consultant will present on Redefining Records Management: An Empowering Opportunity for SJSU SLIS Graduates Managing Electronic Records. The complex reality of managing electronic records is changing the routine nature of records management. Records managers have the opportunity to be more proactive towards their electronic information, to ensure that they capture records of long-term intrinsic value. Otherwise, without early involvement, these records may be lost or damaged in an unstructured electronic environment. SJSU SLIS graduates of the MARA or the MLIS program who followed the Archival Studies and Records Management career pathway are trained in the full lifecycle of records, a valuable and comprehensive skill set that can empower them to manage electronic records during the active phase of the records management lifecycle. By identifying archival and/or long-term records early in their development, the records manager is able to capture the story of their corporate workflow and preserve the cultural legacy of their organization in the active setting, supporting archival preservation in the long term.
  • Poster Presentations (6:30 to 7:30 p.m. SLT)

Examples include:

  • “Digital Collection Metadata: Using Viewshare to Enhance the User Experience” presented by SLIS Instructor Alyce Scott
  • Born Digital, Captured and Archived Tomorrow: CDL’s Web Archiving Service Preserves Today’s Public Content for Tomorrow’s Researchers” presented by UC Davis Librarian Marcia Meister
  • “Public Libraries and Cultural Curation in the Digital Age” presented by MLIS student Anthony Andora
  • Open Access for Scholarly Communications: Two Successful Platforms Explained” presented by MLIS student Lissette Gonzalez.
  • “E-Book Development in Second Life” presented by MARA student Chris Nelson.
  • “Social Media Preservation” presented by MLIS student Sarah Fihe.
  • Small Institutions/Lone Arrangers and Online Finding Aids” presented by MLIS student Greg Gardner.
  • “Digital Curation Strategies: Ensuring Data Integrity Through Format Preservation” presented by MLIS student Matt Carmichael
  • On your own 7:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. SLT and beyond:
    • Return to any poster presentations of interest to speak with the authors.
    • Presentations will remain over the summer. Anyone wishing to view the presentations after the conference will be able to listen to podcasts synchronized with slides.

RSVP: Although participation is free and seating virtually unlimited, an RSVP to patricia.franks@sjsu.edu or mcar1996@gmail.com with your real world name and SL name is appreciated.

Dr. Patricia Franks
Associate Professor and MARA Program Coordinator
School of Library and Information Science
San Jose State University
E-mail: patricia.franks@sjsu.edu

VCARA’s 4th Annual Conference “Digital Stewardship and Knowledge Dissemination in the 21st Century” on May 22, 2013 was a success. The conference featured presentations by Dr. Valerie Hill, Jason Kaltenbacher, Alyce Scott, Greg Gardner, Marcia Meister, Sarah Fihe, Chris Nelson, Matt Carmichael, Lissette Gonzalez, and Anthony Andora.

Thank you to all of the presenters and to those who attended the conference. We look forward to seeing you next year.

If you were unable to attend the conference, please visit VCARA in Second Life this summer to hear the presentation recordings.

If you’re interested in learning more about VCARA and/or need a quick SL orientation, please email Matt Carmichael at mcar1996@gmail.com.

VCARA 2013 Conference Machinima


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