8th Annual VCARA Conference – April 19, 2017: Schedule


Published: April 13, 2017

The conference will begin at the Ampitheatre on iSchool Island in Second Life. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SJSU%20SLIS/9/51/44


5:50pm: Special Introduction by Master of Ceremony Dr. Pat Franks – What is the San Jose State University, School of Information (iSchool)’s Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA)?

5:55pm: Special Announcement by iSchool student and VCARA member Alyse Dunavant-Jones – Upcoming VCARA SCREAM Quest: Archival Nightmare in Colonial Boston


6:00-6:30pm: Dr. Leticia De León (Letty Luckstone) – Motivating Learning Through Mixed Realities

6:30-7:00pm: Kyle Gomboy (G2 Proto in SL) – Digital Storytelling using Mixed Reality Holograms


7:00 – 7:10pm: Dr. Valerie Hill (Valibrarian Gregg in SL) – Virtual Digital Citizenship Exhibit

7:10 – 7:20pm: Scott Anstadt (Ewan Bonham in SL) – Use of SL to Enhance Mindful Meditation Discipline- Bridging to RL

7:20 – 7:30pm: Andrew Wheelock (Spiff Whitfield in SL) – Re-imagining The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank for the 21st Century Learner

7: 30- 7:40pm: Josh Zimmerman (zimmerj6 in SL) – American Archivists Articulating Archives Across Ages: A Work in Progress Mini Case Study of SAA Presidential

7:40 – 7:50pm:  Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal in SL) – 10 years in 10 Minutes: What comes next for Rockcliffe

7:50 – 8:00pm: Renne Emiko Brock (Zinnia Zauber in SL) – Courage to Encourage – Origin Story Lessons

8:00 – 8:10pm: Alyse Dunavant-Jones (alysedunavantjones in SL) – Digital Curation in Virtual Worlds: An MLIS student’s perspective

8:10 – 8:30pm: Brant Knutzen (MrK Kas in SL) – Gamification for training user interface skills: Pirate Ship Battle!

For more details about the 8th Annual VCARA Conference, including Master of Ceremony, Keynotes, and dress code, check out our initial 8th Annual VCARA Conference post.

All presentations will be recorded and captioned. For previous VCARA Conference footage, check out our YouTube channel! To tour past VCARA Conference presentations in Second Life, visit VCARA’s Archivium on iSchool Island: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SJSU%20SLIS/9/51/44 (tall building beside the Amphitheatre–each floor represents a past conference!)

For information about joining VCARA in Second Life, please refer to our VCARA for Newbies blog post. To request an orientation to Second Life and/or VCARA, please email Dr. Pat Franks (patricia.franks@sjsu.edu). To follow VCARA on social media, check out our VCARA on Social Media page.


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