Recap VCARA Spring 2020 VR Field Trip


Published: April 4, 2020 by Dr. Pat Franks

Time travel in Virtual Worlds is so much easier and faster than in real life–and thankfully we don’t have to worry about social distancing!

Friday, April 3–in only one hour–the “Friends of VCARA” visited:

  • VCARA’s U-See-Um in Second Life
  • Cookie Welcome Center in Kitley
  • Bethany’s Hypergrid Resource Library in Kitely & Avacon
  • Marie’s Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely

Plans are in the works to update the U-See-Um to include displays from and portals to other SL regions.

Additional plans are in place to create a VR room for the museum based on the research we’re conducting on Criteria for Education in VR.

Some of our meetings are now held in Kitely. If you’ve never visited Kitely (which is not part of SL), you need a Kitely account.

To create a Kitely account, visit For more info about creating a Kitely account and downloading a viewer that will work with Kitely, visit NMA’s Kitely Travel Guide or Kitely’s Wiki Article: How to Enter Kitely Virtual Worlds.

To reach the Kitely Welcome Center, use URL: hop:// II/464/893/23

Because we were visiting the Hypergrid resource library, we used a different viewer from the one used for SL and Kitelty:  So if you’re not just visiting Kitely but hoping to reach other grids (like Avacon), you needs this viewer.


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