VCARA Presents: Vordun Museum Tour 2/11/19


Published: January 31, 2019 by Alyse Dunavant-Jones

Join VCARA for a tour of The Vordun Museum and Gallery in Second Life at 6 p.m. SLT (Pacific) Monday, February 11, 2019. Participants will experience “Frost: Visions of Winter”, a virtual exhibit that features 20 paintings, drawings, prints, and manuscripts depicting aspects of winter from the 15th to 20th centuries.

To begin the tour, participants will meet on the iSchool Island (SLURL: for a brief introduction to the Vordun Museum. Participants will then travel to the Vordun as a group.

The tour will also be simulcast in Zoom:

About The Vordun Museum and Gallery

The Vordun Museum and Gallery is an art and history experience in Second Life. Featuring the use of “The Vordun HUD” (a heads-up display users can attach to their avatar), visitors can feel as if they are visiting a physical museum. The HUD assists by creating a Land-Scope experience; it can control basic tasks to animate your avatar, track your camera, teleport you, etc. in order to interact with exhibits.

The “Frost: Visions of Winter” exhibit will close March 17, 2019. Additional exhibits now on display include “European Masters: 300 Years of Painting”, “Pictures of the Floating World”, “Sincerely Yours” and “Proverbs of the Low Countries.”

The Vordun is owned by Second Life artist and fashion designer, Jake Vordun. For a taste of his art, check out Jake’s Flickr page.

To explore the Vordun Museum on your own in Second Life, visit

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