Archivists, Librarians, and Records Managers: Sharing Information Management Concepts and Practice


Information Management is a set of professional concepts and practices that enable organizations to capture, retain, protect, preserve, and deliver information. Such information could be in the form of active computer system data, documents used for reference purposes, or official records that serve as evidence of actions and activities. With today’s technology driven workplaces, individuals manage information as electronic mail messages, personal computer files, Internet web pages, or as data in software applications. However, while the format of the information and the system in which it resides may vary, common information principles and practices are used by Archivists, Librarians, and Records Managers to deliver professional information management services. This presentation will discuss the activities of these professionals, how they are similar/dissimilar, and some workplace issues that can be expected when their respective skills and education must be directed toward solving organizational information management challenges.