Gamification in University Courses

Webcast Diane Nahl

Gamification involves applying some of the elements used in game design to educational content and information problem solving in order to increase student involvement with course concepts and enhance learning and retention. Four essential elements and four skill areas inherent in computer games were mapped to the content in eight courses that were taught in hybrid and online modes, and activities were designed to interest students in tapping these skills. Analysis of structured self-reports, lab reports, chat logs, and threaded discussions generated illustrations from various assignments addressing game aspects. Selected gamification strategies evolved over a four-year period in response to student reactions, and continue to be developed, incorporated, and evaluated for their potential to influence learning.

Technical Requirements: Computer with Internet access; Second Life avatar and Viewer.

RSVP: Although space is ‘virtually’ unlimited, please RSVP to either Matt Carmichael at, Lori Bell at, or Dr. Pat Franks at

Note: If you are new to Second Life or have not been in SL in a while, you can contact our VCARA Student Assistant, Matt Carmichael, at to arrange a time to meet for basic instructions (e.g., practice flying, test audio, tour VCARA).

Friday, April 19, 2013
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Pacific Time
Location: Second Life 
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Gamification in University Courses