Complete Quadrant One

Quadrant 1: Personal Information

You may view your notifications from the system, before proceeding to Quadrant 1: Personal Information

1.  Read and sign the release statement.

2.  Some Enter Biographic Information questions are optional.

3.  Enter Current Address and Permanent Address.

4.  Enter Phone, Text Message Preference and Email.

5.  Enter U.S. Citizenship Information and Residency Information. For applicants residing outside US -- when using the Fall 2019 Cal State Apply Application -- where you must choose a Residency "State" please choose: Alabama. Just for the purposes of the Fall 2019 application, SJSU will treat this value as the choice for those applying to our global online programs from outside US. 

6.  Read the statement under “Other Information,” and answer all the questions.

7.  Answer all questions and continue to the Credentials section.

8.  Choose “Not interested in a credential program,” unless you are pursuing the Teacher Librarian Program (A lengthy series of credentialing questions will open). Select from the pulldown list if you have ever held a valid California teaching credential. If answered yes, then indicate the status of your credentials from the pulldown lists and answer all questions.


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