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1. Find San Jose State and choose the program.

Select San Jose State

iSchool applicants choose ONE program from the available options, by clicking on the Plus Sign in front of the program.

Note: CalVet recipients or CSU Fee Waiver recipients must first read this information (, before selecting the program.

Under: Source > Campus, you will find:
• Library and Information Science MLIS. Choose this if you reside in the Regular Session SJSU catchment area of US Postal Zip Codes 939xx - 958xx.

Library and Information Science


Under: Source > Extended Education, you will find:
• Library and Information Science MLIS (Special Session) (Choose this if you reside outside US Postal Zip Codes 939xx - 958xx.)
• Masters in Archives and Records Administration MARA (Special Session)*

• Masters in Science in Informatics (Special Session)*


In the following example where MARA has been selected, the selected program will turn green, indicating it has been chosen by the applicant.

MARA program selected

Certificate applicants will choose one of the following from Source: Extended Education > San Jose Extension

• Post-Master’s Certificate in Library and Information Science (Special Session)*
• Strategic Management of Digital Assets and Services (Special Session)*


*MARA, MS Informatics and Certificate programs are only offered in special session. Open to all, regardless of geographic residence.

Credential-only applicants will choose

Source: Campus > San Jose Credential
Library Media Teacher (If you reside in the SJSU catchment area of US Postal Zip Codes 939xx - 958xx)

Library Media Teacher


Source: Extended Education > Library Media Teacher Special Session (if you reside outside US Postal Zip Codes 939xx - 958xx)

*Teacher Librarian Credential Candidates are recommended to apply to MLIS rather than the Credential (

Library Media Teacher (Special Session)

2. Review your Program Selection, Continue, and choose Quadrant 1 Personal Information.

I am done, Review My Selections Review and Continue

Note: for those who apply to the incorrect session on Cal State Apply, their applications will be automatically changed to the correct session, based on residential zip code. There will be no notification from SJSU Graduate Admissions.