Complete Quadrant Two
Academic History



1. Add your colleges and universities. You must add all colleges and universities attended and that you currently attend and answer questions regarding dates attended, GPA and Units Earned. You do not need to enter individual class data or grades as you will be sending official transcripts to the Admissions office.

Add Your Colleges

2. When complete, choose Add another College to add your next college or university attended.

Add another Degree

Example entry.

3. Applicants will not attach their own copies of transcripts to the Cal State Apply online application. You obtain Official Transcripts from all Colleges and Universities attended. See steps 3 and 4 on our Application Procedures page to learn how to submit official transcripts to SJSU’s Graduate Admissions office. SJSU Graduates DO NOT SEND SJSU Transcripts.

Transcript Entry

4. Do not add Standardized Tests. International students, please see: Instructions for International Applicants.