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Published: January 22, 2019 by Greta Snyder

If there’s anything binge worthy this Spring, it’s the SJSU iSchool Career Podcasts. The host, iSchool Career Consultant Kim Dority, is such an engaging interviewer of her LIS all-star series of guests that I have favorited them all on YouTube and you should too. Read this post to find out why.

Keeping it Real with Those in The Field

The fantastic line-up of guests and Dority’s incisive professional development and career change questions draw out specific precious gems of advice for students and emerging professionals, making this a must-listen for any LIS student or practicing professional. Check out the post on previous episodes.

Now, the highlight reel of top breakthroughs from recent episodes. You really must listen for yourself as these are so jam-packed with wisdom and indispensable advice. So, go ahead, fasten your seatbelt to accelerate your career as you get career savvy with the click of a button.

  • Chris Coughlan: Director, User Experience (UX) and Digital Strategy for Aten Design Group

    • Want to learn more about UX (in all fields) you 100% must listen.
    • Recommends cultivating presentation and interviewing skills through coursework and workshops: the key is attentive listening, e.g., “this is what I’m hearing… tell me more”).
    • Advice for students: try to find opportunities for hands-on learning; go to conferences, events and meet-ups. Get to know others in your specific field.
  • Karin Mente:  iSchool Alumna, Distance Education Librarian at Zovio      
    • Get involved with professional organizations and get involved with committees or leadership roles; get to know people and network.     
    • Hiring managers are looking for teamwork and collaboration skills: so, embrace group projects and workplace opportunities to do so.
  • Ryan Gan: iSchool Alum, Academic Systems Librarian/Associate Professor          
    • Take stock of your skills to identify what you need to learn and address learning gaps with coursework, PT work experience, conference experience.      
    • Experiences will pay off, so take them on: then you’ll be ready for opportunities later.   
    • Learn on the job; make connections and develop mentors and connections.
  • Shelley Saindon: Senior Team Manager, Head of Information Center at Charles Schwab & Co.
    • Don’t be afraid of sharing what you know. Give up your fear of control and instead show your depth of understanding and position yourself as the ultimate resource.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely with supervisors; develop presentation skills.
    • Advice for students: try to find opportunities for hands-on learning; go to conferences, events and meet-ups. Get to know others in your specific field.

Final thoughts

Podcasts are a powerful way to hear a one-on-one discussion with someone you might otherwise never have a chance to talk to or learn from so directly. As LIS professionals the ability to share information and our professional practice openly and generously is what makes our field so unique and dynamic.

These iSchool career podcast are such a valuable resource available through SJSU iSchool career development resources. So, what are you waiting for?

Have some fun and invest in your future for free:  tune into these entertaining and interesting interviews with Dority, a leader in the information professional industry, with top practitioners and successful iSchool alumni.

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