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Special libraries and information centers are often found in the business world, and the hiring processes can be very different from those in academic and public libraries.

According to the book, What do Employers Want: a Guide for Library Science Students, by Priscilla Shontz, the hiring process in the for-profit world differs significantly from other library environments. Applications are usually accepted online, often through a generic recruiting site. Steve Oberg, who has worked for academic libraries, vendors, and for-profit organizations, said:

For entry-level jobs in the for-profit sector, I cannot stress enough how important it is that job seekers look for ways of getting their feet in the door, of getting noticed. Typically the best way to do that is to look for onsite internship opportunities. This is invaluable experience and can often result in a job offer if you give a favorable impression.

Special libraries, information centers, and non-library environments require information professionals who are especially flexible and who think creatively, and this unpredictability is reflected in their interviews. Perhaps more than other types of libraries, you must be prepared to think on your feet and expect the unexpected when interviewing for these types of jobs. As always, preparing for your interview is especially important.

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