Digital Learning Leader


Published: November 12, 2020 by Dr. David Loertscher

The concept of a digital learning leader is a professional who brings to an organization a strong portfolio that demonstrates their contribution to teaching and learning. These leaders partner with a teacher, trainer, or instructor to fold in a wide variety of learning strategies in virtual and even face to face learning environments. They may work in K-12 schools, universities, business organizations, government entities or startups where any kind of teaching and learning is happening.

The major difference in their role from other specialists is that they roll up their sleeves alongside a regular instructor to enhance, redesign, or build a much deeper learning experience for the student. They go beyond observation and advice; beyond introducing a technology; beyond duplicating past practice from face to face into online experiences. To the planning, teaching and assessment of a learning experience they bring instructional design skills, technologies, learning strategies, social and emotional learning, and a major concern for equity for every student. They combine their expertise with that of their partner as they work to mentor each learner toward excellence.

Persons interested in building such a portfolio include school librarians, technology specialists, instructional coaches, administrators who oversee instructional quality, industry trainers, government agency instructors, and any one interested in demonstrating their knowledge and skill in building deep learning through technology.

The model below can be used by the digital learning leader to document their expertise in partnering on many types of learning experiences in any type of organization intent on education and training of young people or adults. Below, find the six types of learning experiences that Digital Learning Leaders enhance on a regular basis:

More information about the digital learning leader concept and how to cultivate a digital learning leader can be found on my website “Digital Learning Leader”.


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