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Searching for LIS Student Success at the SJSU iSchool

Published: June 20, 2019 by Dr. Anthony Bernier

It’s not that people haven’t been inclusive. It’s just… a feeling I have in myself. You feel like an imposter. Like, especially when you go back into your family life.”

In Fall 2018, the American Library Association awarded Dr. Anthony Bernier a Diversity Research Grant (the committee’s top pick from among 30 proposals) to study the experience of the iSchool’s First Generation (FG) students. The project defined FG students as people coming from family backgrounds in which neither parent earned a professional degree.


LIBR 298 Special Studies benefit both Instructor and Student

Published: April 29, 2015 by Beth Wrenn-Estes

Beth Wrenn-EstesThomas Schween approached me about being his LIBR 298 supervisor during spring semester. I heartily agreed since his topic was of great interest to me. I wanted to post something to the CIRI blog because I want my colleagues and other SJSU/School of Information students to see the value and benefits in working with a student on a 298 Special Studies.


Teaching Presence in Online Courses

Published: April 25, 2015 by Sue Alman

 After being an online instructor for nearly 13 years with a wealth of anecdotal “evidence” to suggest strategies for engaging students in active learning, I was part of an investigative team that conducted a comparative research study using the Community of Inquiry (COI) survey. The results of the study provided data to suggest that teaching presence–one of the elements in the COI–has a positive effect on learning outcomes and student satisfaction in online courses.