Changing an Email Address


If you want to change your e-mail address globally, you must do so in various places. E-mail addresses can be separate and different in each of the following listed places. Use the appropriate procedure to change the e-mail address for each type of resource.

  • Canvas
    See Your Personal Information after logging into Canvas.
  • GSS/Facultypages, SJSU iSchool faculty directory/web profile, and Part-time or Full-time Faculty mailing list
    Login to GSS or Facultypages and use the profile -> email link to change your email.
  • MySJSU
  • This must be done after you login to MySJSU. For detailed instructions, see Set My Preferred Email Address.
  • iSchoolAlert 
    Contact the student services team to update your e-mail address on iSchoolAlert.
  • King Library
    Login to your library account and select “Modify Personal Information.”