For the official statement of policy on this matter as passed by the Academic Senate, see:

Academic Dishonesty Procedures

  • See what you should do as outlined by the SJSU Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development: Academic Integrity
  • A report of the incident must be sent to the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development:
  • Look for the Academic Integrity Violation Reporting Form [PDF]:

Basically, an instructor has the following options if they determine that student work has been plagiarized (student’s willingness to admit to infraction is an important factor):

  • lower a grade on an assignment
  • assign a zero for an assignment
  • lower the final course grade
  • assign an “F” grade for the course

Helping Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Sometimes students are not clear about what constitutes plagiarism. The King Library has put together three videos that include why and how to avoid plagiarism and what is copyright infringement and fair use. King Library: Plagiarism Graduate Level.

SJSU has a license to use Turnitin to help detect copied work. Typically this is done as part of the Canvas Assignment Manager.