INFO 285 Applied Research Methods


All students must complete INFO 285 (Research Methods) before graduating. INFO 285 (Research Methods) will be offered with different areas of focus. Students may select any area of focus.

Note: INFO 285 is a required course for MLIS students and cannot be replaced with MARA 285.

See INFO 285 Topics

Waiver Option for INFO 285

If a student has taken and passed a graduate level-research methods course within the last 5 years (as documented by an official transcript), the student can petition the Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising to waive the INFO 285 requirement. Please send a PDF copy of your transcript to the Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising as an attachment.

A waiver, if granted, does not reduce the total units required for the MLIS degree. It simply means that you are not required to take INFO 285 as one of your MLIS classes.

Please send an electronic copy of the transcript (scanned as a pdf file) to the Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising.

Note: If a waiver is approved it will not be reflected in My Progress in mySJSU. INFO 285 will remain on the My Progress list. We will note it when we submit your candidacy form.

Prerequisites: INFO 200, INFO 202, INFO 204

Repeatable with different topics up to 6 units.