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Published: March 8, 2017

Showcase your achievements, flex your graduate school-level writing skills, and apply for a scholarship.

As you’re getting ready for the fall (yikes, just get me through this semester!) and signing up for exciting new courses and solid classic courses, you’ll also need to be thinking about how to pay for it. Why not get someone else to foot the bill? Showcase your achievements, flex your graduate school-level writing skills, and apply for a scholarship. SJSU iSchool scholarships are now available, but only for a limited time. The deadline is March 30, 2017, and scholarship winners will be notified during the third week in April. Applications must be submitted through Canvas.

Scholarships for Current Students
There are lots of scholarships to suit your specific area of study. There are ARMA scholarships for those in the MARA program, including ARMA chapter scholarships for students from specific regions. There are scholarships awarded by alumni and friends of the iSchool and from the faculty, as well. If medical librarianship is your goal then you can write about your amazing self in an application for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Librarianship Scholarship. For those that really need the money and are able to show evidence of their need, there is a scholarship called the Librarian Opportunity scholarship that was created by Diana Lee Morabito and Keith Ball to show their appreciation for the important role that libraries played in their life and education. What a way to say “thank you” to libraries! If you’ve completed a cataloging class like Info 248, you are eligible for the Robert Ellett Scholarship. The extra good news about this scholarship is that it’s available to two winners and is awarded in both the spring and fall semesters. Here, 2016 Robert Ellett Scholarship recipient Terry Funk shares her gratitude:

Filling Out and Turning In Your iSchool Scholarship
You’ll need a current and polished resume, a personal statement, and the URL to your short multimedia presentation supporting your personal statement. This is the fun part. You can put together a video, a Prezi presentation, a narrated slide in Jing or (my personal favorite) a Pinterest board. You’ll need to upload the application form and fill it out. Be sure to follow directions as to how the document will need to be labeled and save it accordingly. For each scholarship, there is a specific label that needs to go into the name of the document, too. All scholarships must be submitted in the iSchool Advising and Administration site on the Scholarships and Awards page.

Awards for Graduating Students
Even if you’re in your last semester, you are still eligible for recognition for your amazing work at the iSchool. The Awards for Excellence include awards that recognize student contributions in diversity, community, innovation, and international contribution. Submission guidelines for graduating students are similar with the exception of a multimedia presentation. The list of short name labels for each application and the form itself are also different.

Meet iSchool Scholarship and Award Winners
If you’re curious what makes an award-winning student, you can peruse a list of scholarship winners from previous years. Many of these amazing iSchool students and alumni have links to news items or community profiles written about them. You can even meet some of the previous award recipients through their video profiles on the SJSU School of Information YouTube channel. Here, current student and recipient of scholarships in 2016 gives thanks:

In addition to completing the presentation and filling out the application (and sending it in on time), scholarship applicants will need to have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and cannot be in their last semester (because then you wouldn’t have any classes left to pay for). To be eligible, MLIS students need to have completed all four of their core courses (Info 200, 202, 203, and 204) and MARA students need to have completed their required technology workshop, as well as MARA 200, MARA 204 or 210, and one MLIS elective. Many scholarships are funded in part by donations from the generosity of iSchool alumni and friends of the school. 

Best of luck to all applicants, and we look forward to celebrating with the recipients in a few weeks!

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