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Published: October 28, 2015

If you’re interested in digging even deeper and becoming even more qualified to solve the management issues of the digital age, the iSchool’s new Advanced Certificate in Strategic Management of Digital Assets and Services is perfect for getting you into this exciting career field.

New for the spring 2016 semester, the Advanced Certificate will give you a better understanding of the wide vary of digital content, its applications and the ability to organize and manage it according to modern regulations.

Add a Certificate to Your Degree
Current students who are more than a dozen units away from graduating can enroll in the Advanced Certificate program while also earning their MLIS or MARA degrees.  You can get both a master’s degree and an advanced certificate to give you more specialized skills and, it won’t cost any more money  than just getting the master’s degree.  You won’t even have to fill out another admissions application.

The Advanced Certificate is only offered in Special Session, but there is a path to the certificate for all interested iSchool students: Regular Session students who would like to earn the certificate may switch to Special Session after they have completed 22 units in their degree program.

For information professionals who are not enrolled in the iSchool’s graduate program but looking to deepen or expand their knowledge of digital management, an application will need to be completed by December 1, 2015 in order to start the spring 2016 semester. 

Choose Your Focus and Get Started!
This information age requires professionals who are not only adept and finding the information that people are seeking, but also at managing the massive amounts of information and digital content so that it can be found.

“Delivering services in an information environment is a management challenge as much as a purely technical one,” says iSchool Associate Director Dr. Linda Main. “It involves handling and governance of digital information and data in organizational and networked contexts. It also involves marketing, community informatics, and an ability to demonstrate value.”

Just like the MLIS degree has different pathways or focuses, the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Management of Digital Assets and Services has three pathways to choose from: Digital Assets Management; Information Governance, Assurance and Security and Data Analytics; and Data Driven Decision Making.  You’ll see the required courses listed for each pathway, including helpful links to sample syllabi for each course.  Keep in mind that you’ll need to be decisive and choose your path wisely—you only get to choose one and if you change your mind you’ll have to talk to Sheila Gurtu and you’ll have to make sure you’ve taken all the required courses for your new pathway.  If you have any questions, both iSchool students and non-students can contact Dr. Main.

If you’re interested in adding the certificate to your iSchool experience, start by picking out your pathway and enroll in(and pass, of course) the nine units all in the pathway you’ve chosen.  Once you’ve done that, and completed either your MLIS or MARA e-portfolio then submit your Advanced Certificate Audit Form to the Advanced Certificate drop box in the Canvas Advising and Administration site and —voilà— you’re degreed and certified!  On your marks, get set, and go get your Advanced Certificate!

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