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Published: August 12, 2019 by Kenna Wulker

The fall semester is quickly approaching. If you’re anything like me, it’s challenging to get back into the swing of school. Read on for my top tips to a successful semester! Don’t forget—classes start August 21st!

Tip 1: Time Management

Time management is so important for online students. While taking classes online allows for flexible scheduling and work pace, it can also be challenging to manage family life, work life, and school. To help with time management, students should review the syllabus and make note of major assignments and due dates at the beginning of the semester. This allows students to plan extra time when needed, as well as factoring in previous work or familial commitments. Creating a weekly schedule and setting reminders can help you stay on track.

Tip 2: Create a Study Space

Designating a study space in your home or elsewhere can help with efficiency and focus. Limiting distractions makes it easier to read, study, and do work.

Tip 3: Hold Yourself Accountable

Flexibility is one of the greatest aspects of online courses. However, sometimes it can be hard to stay on track and make sure you’re getting your reading and work done on time. It’s important to hold yourself accountable to your study schedule and time management overall.

Tip 4: Be Realistic

Setting realistic goals is so important to your success in an online program. We all have our own lives, work, children, pets, etc. that still need attention. When you are setting goals for your semester and deciding your schedule, make sure you’re factoring in everyday life and being realistic in your goals and expectations.

Tip 5: Plan Ahead

When you know another commitment is coming up, make sure to plan ahead for school work and projects. Planning ahead will ensure you complete assignments on time and have adequate time to study, read, and interact with classmates.

Have a good semester!

I hope these tips help you have a successful semester! Remember, it may take a couple weeks to get into the swing of your classes, but practice makes progress!


Online class success

In addition to the previously mentioned success actions I would add, when confused or just desire advice for making sure you are on the right track ask for help.
I could explain in more detail but in short, ask for help before you begin struggling. It shows a humble strength.
A fellow student, Don

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