Bring your RIM coursework to life at Feith’s RMU


Published: September 13, 2022 by Melissa Prunty Kemp

Bring your RIM coursework to life at Feith’s RMU

Whether you are a seasoned RIM professional or just beginning your RIM journey, SJSU coursework puts us through our professional paces and prepares us for CRM certification. But nothing enlivens learning like demonstration, simulations, and discussions of real-world case studies with practicing RIM professionals.  That’s just what students receive in the hour-long professional development courses at Feith Systems Records Management University (RMU). Since Spring 2020, Feith Systems has offered five lively and informative interactive seminars each fall and spring semesters which earn five CEU credits per semester. 

This semester’s classes promise to continue RMU’s well-earned reputation for tackling the most contemporary issues as well as illustrating how perennial subject matter is enlivened by new software or updated best practices. One of my favorite discussions was “big bucket” versus “small bucket” records management that discussed the benefits and drawbacks to larger, more generalized versus more granular records arrangements. 

Each class earns one CEU credit; classes meet synchronously with rebroadcasts available for registrants. The knowledge, drawings, and humor of these presentations teach and entertain while they remind RIMs that there really is joy in our work. The opportunity to take polls, ask questions and receive immediate answers is highly engaging and immediately useful; I have taken all twenty classes offered since 2020. Fitting in one or all of these seminars into your overloaded schedules is well worth the effort. Learn more about Feith Systems Records Management University or Register for classes.


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