A Preservica Professional Development Opportunity


Published: February 12, 2022 by Melissa Prunty Kemp

MARA 283 instructs students in vital software skills for archivists and records managers – working knowledge of Microsoft Sharepoint and Preservica. When I explored and priced Preservica three years ago for smaller institutions, who can also benefit from this superior archival management system, purchasing it was cost prohibitive. But no more.

The world-wide success and adoption of Preservica as the premiere archives management system for archives in nations, colleges and universities, and governments around the world have led the company to expand its services to smaller institutions. Now an institution archive their collection for free using Preservica Starter.

Thanks to Andrew Ysasi’s introduction,  I was able to add my experiences as a cultural archivist to a webinar sponsored by Preservica, Library Journal and AWS entitled Invite Your Community To Contribute Digital Materials To Your Archive – Key Considerations And New Tools To Simplify The Process. Aubrey Shanahan and Katie Gambone, Preservica Starter and Marketing professionals, offered a short training on how to set up an archive, and I offered cultural, technical, and financial points to consider for groups who are beginning to preserve their archives or transforming them from physical to digital.

Preservica is now offering free or reduced prices for archives hosting of under 5 terabytes of data. They are also offering grant opportunities for organizations to win two years of Starter Plus, 250GB of secure cloud storage, access for up to 3 users, and a customized public portal. Applications are due by March 31, 2023 and are available on the Preservica website. I have been invited be a judge on the five-member panel that will evaluate grant applications.  Winners will be announced in April. 

Invite your families, churches, civic, cultural and religious organizations to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity for free or radically reduced prices and great software. Consider archiving your histories by applying for this grant and by using Preservica’s Starter Edition.*

*I am not a paid Preservica spokesperson. 


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