University Learning Goals
Mapping of MARA Program Learning Outcomes (Core Competencies)


MARA Core Competencies listed for each University Learning Goal are associated with at least one required course on the grid below. There may be additional courses that address each competency.

University Learning Goals MARA Program Learning Outcomes (Core Competencies) Supporting Course MARA Courses Mapped to SLOs and Program Learning Outcomes (Core Competencies)
SJSU Mission MARA Core Competencies MARA Course Descriptions MARA Core Map
Specialized Knowledge
The depth of knowledge required for a degree as appropriate to the discipline. A-J MARA 289 MARA 289 required of all students.
Integrative Knowledge and Skills
Mastery in each step of an investigative, creative or practical project (e.g. brainstorming, planning, formulating hypotheses or complex questions, designing, creating, completing, and communicating), with integration and/or across disciplines.

An ability to articulate the potential impacts of results or findings from a particular work or field in a societal context.
D, E and F

D, E, F – MARA 295

D, E – MARA 249 and MARA 283

MARA 283 and MARA 249 required of all students MARA 295 (Organizational Consulting Project) can be substituted for MARA 294 (Internship).
Intellectual Skills
Fluency with specific theories, assumptions, foundational knowledge, analytical and interpretive protocols, tools and technologies appropriate to the discipline or field of study.

Skills necessary for mastery of a discipline at a level appropriate to the degree and leading to lifelong learning, including critical and creative thinking and practice, effective communication, thorough and ethical information gathering and processing, competence with quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies, and productive engagement in collaborative activities.
C, E, F and H F – MARA 204 C, E, H – MARA 201, MARA 211, and MARA 249 MARA 204, MARA 210, MARA 211 and MARA 249 required of all student. 
Applied Knowledge and Skills
An ability to apply theory, practice and problem solving to new materials, settings and problems. D and F MARA 204, MARA 283, 294 and 295 MARA 204 and MARA 283 required for all students. Students select either MARA 294 or MARA 295.
Social and Global Responsibilities
An ability to consider the purpose and function of one’s degree program training within various local and/or global social contexts and to act intentionally, conscientiously and ethically with attention to diversity and inclusion. A, B, G, J and MLIS Electives MARA 200 Note: MARA Students select MLIS electives from an approved list. MARA 200 required and 3 MLIS courses must be selected by students from an approved list.