T3 Teaching Workshops


T3 Teaching Workshops
Teaching Tips & Techniques

San José State University School of Information T3 (Teaching Tips & Techniques) Series 

The T3 Series, developed in response to the recommendations that were made in the 2012 iSchool Faculty Technology Use Survey Report, offers faculty training in key areas related to teaching in an online environment. The topics are selected from the suggestions made by faculty, and the sessions are led by colleagues and other professionals who have expertise in the use of existing services and technologies. Plan to join one or more of the T3 Series sessions. All sessions are recorded and available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas Faculty site.

Instructional Expectations for All Faculty

iSchool Teaching Requirement
In order to ensure that all iSchool teaching faculty keep up their technology skills and provide our students with the best online experience, all faculty who want to continue to teach for the iSchool will be required to attend at least one of the training sessions each semester — either live or via the recording. Participants of both the live and recorded sessions are required to complete a feedback form as proof of attending.  You may also complete the T3 requirement by viewing any of the previous sessions that are located in the T3 Archive on the Canvas iSchool Faculty site (and completing a feedback form as proof of attending.)

iSchool T3 Substitution Policy: Each faculty member is required to participate in one of the T3 sessions developed and offered by the iSchool each term. Credit for participation is for T3 sessions only. There are many other workshops beneficial to teaching and learning, and faculty are encouraged to participate in these supplemental sessions without T3 credit. 

T3 Sessions


Wednesday, February 24 @ 11:00 am PT

Session Title:  Using Wordpress Blogs in Your Classes

Zoom Link: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/85093862779

Presenter: Michael Stephens and the Round Robin Panel:  Vicki Steiner, Beth Wrenn-Estes, Maggie Murphy, Charles Greenberg

Overview: This session explores options for using the School of Information blogging platform in classes. Blogging allows us to create engaging spaces and opportunities for students to explore ideas in new ways and with new technologies. Every student sets up a blog as part of INFO 203, and they can use it throughout the program The blogs offer a high degree of personalization and the freedom to embed and include media enhance the learning experience. In addition to the presentation by Michael Stephens there will be a Round Robin panel to share how iSchool instructors use Wordpress followed by a general discussion. 

Tuesday, March 23 @ 11:00 am PT

Session Title: Incorporating Hands-on Technology Experiences 

Zoom Link:  https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/87089224949

Presenters: Patricia C. Franks; A. Marie Vans

Overview: Dr. Patricia C. Franks:  Activity-based learning enhances both student creativity and learning. Students need to not only understand the technology used in today’s workplace but also be able to demonstrate some form of familiarity with the most popular products. Pat demonstrate how she introduces her students to the concepts of Electronic Content Management and Digital Preservation while offering hands-on assignments in two popular products: Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint and Preservica.                             

Dr. A. Marie Vans: The unprecedented year of COVID forced many onto Zoom as the major communication channel for delivery of education and team meetings. Virtual Reality (VR) was suddenly thrust into the limelight as Zoom fatigue set in and people looked for more engaging, alternative technologies. Marie will demonstrate how the use of VR in training and educational settings can address this need and provide examples from the course she taught on designing experiences for VR.

Tuesday, April 20 @ 11:00 am PT

Session Title:  Google Slides, the G Suite Solution to PowerPoint

Zoom Link: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/89270416092

Presenter: Alfredo Alcantar

Overview: Google Slides, the G Suite solution to PowerPoint, opens this staple up to vast possibilities. It’s not only a great platform for collaboration, it’s also a wonderful suite of tools that enables you and your students to quickly create professional presentations. Join Alfredo Alcantar, as he shares a complete overview of the options and features available to you in Google Slides along with some creative uses of the Google Slides environment. 

Sessions offered through SJSU’s eCampus
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Please register for any workshop directly on the eCampus website by clicking the link included with each workshop listed, and complete the evaluation form when you have taken the workshop.
A recording and evaluation link is available for asynchronous viewing of T3 sessions.
Each T3 session is available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas iSchool Faculty site.


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