T3 Teaching Workshops


T3 Teaching Workshops
Teaching Tips & Techniques

San José State University School of Information T3 (Teaching Tips & Techniques) Series 

The T3 Series, developed in response to the recommendations that were made in the 2012 iSchool Faculty Technology Use Survey Report, offers faculty training in key areas related to teaching in an online environment. The topics are selected from the suggestions made by faculty, and the sessions are led by colleagues and other professionals who have expertise in the use of existing services and technologies. Plan to join one or more of the T3 Series sessions. All sessions are recorded and available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas Faculty site.

Instructional Expectations for All Faculty

iSchool Teaching Requirement
In order to ensure that all iSchool teaching faculty keep up their technology skills and provide our students with the best online experience, all faculty who want to continue to teach for the iSchool will be required to attend at least one of the training sessions each semester — either live or via the recording. Participants of both the live and recorded sessions are required to complete a feedback form as proof of attending.  You may also complete the T3 requirement by viewing any of the previous sessions that are located in the T3 Archive on the Canvas iSchool Faculty site (and completing a feedback form as proof of attending.)

iSchool T3 Substitution Policy: Each faculty member is required to participate in one of the T3 sessions developed and offered by the iSchool each term. Credit for participation is for T3 sessions only. There are many other workshops beneficial to teaching and learning, and faculty are encouraged to participate in these supplemental sessions without T3 credit. 

T3 Sessions


Session Title:  Student Use of Mobile Devices for LIS Coursework: Implications for Educators

DATE: Wednesday, February 9 @ 11am PT

Zoom Link: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/86485149231 

Presenters: Michael Stephens and Nikki Rudiger

Overview: The goal of this T3 is to engage with School of Information faculty around the idea of what “on the go” learning means for current and future students and LIS educators.

We will present an overview of our own and other recent research on mobile device use for coursework as a means to explore how course delivery is evolving. We will introduce participants to the Student Power User and explore what the concept of “learning everywhere” might mean for LIS programs seeking to provide a future-friendly and engaging program in chaotic and changing times. Then we will facilitate discussion relating to successful and creative ways to enhance the student experience with mobile devices to prepare our students for an increasingly mobile future.

Session Title: Inclusive and Accessible Instruction

DATE:  Thursday, March 24 @ 11 am PT

Zoom Link: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/81911789366

Presenter:  Deanna Fassett 

Overview:  In this session, we’ll address simple and effective steps you can take to make sure your courses are accessible to and inclusive of all your students. Learn more about the objectives and principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), how UDL supports inclusion and anti-racist pedagogy, and apply UDL to course outcomes, presentation of material, student engagement and assessment, and more.

Session Title: Getting Blood Out of a Stone: How to Engage Students in Online Discussions

DATE: Tuesday, April 5 @ 11 am PT

Zoom Link: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/83475635732

Presenters: David de Lorenzo,Tracy Elliott, John Horodyski Beth Wrenn-Estes, Fatima Perkins

Overview:  Many instructors struggle with ways to motivate students to participate willingly in discussions.  Join 5 iSchool instructors who will share strategies they use to motivate students to become more engaged in discussions, assignments, and other activities.

Sessions offered through SJSU’s eCampus
(separate registration required)

Please register for any workshop directly on the eCampus website by clicking the link included with each workshop listed, and complete the evaluation form when you have taken the workshop.
A recording and evaluation link is available for asynchronous viewing of T3 sessions.
Each T3 session is available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas iSchool Faculty site.


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