T3 Teaching Workshops


T3 Teaching Workshops
Teaching Tips & Techniques

San José State University School of Information T3 (Teaching Tips & Techniques) Series 

The T3 Series, developed in response to the recommendations that were made in the 2012 iSchool Faculty Technology Use Survey Report, offers faculty training in key areas related to teaching in an online environment. The topics are selected from the suggestions made by faculty, and the sessions are led by colleagues and other professionals who have expertise in the use of existing services and technologies. Plan to join one or more of the T3 Series sessions. All sessions are recorded and available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas Faculty site.

Instructional Expectations for All Faculty

iSchool Teaching Requirement
In order to ensure that all iSchool teaching faculty keep up their technology skills and provide our students with the best online experience, all faculty who want to continue to teach for the iSchool will be required to attend at least one of the training sessions each semester — either live or via the recording. Participants of both the live and recorded sessions are required to complete a feedback form as proof of attending.  You may also complete the T3 requirement by viewing any of the previous sessions that are located in the T3 Archive on the Canvas iSchool Faculty site (and completing a feedback form as proof of attending.)

iSchool T3 Substitution Policy: Each faculty member is required to participate in one of the T3 sessions developed and offered by the iSchool each term. Credit for participation is for T3 sessions only. There are many other workshops beneficial to teaching and learning, and faculty are encouraged to participate in these supplemental sessions without T3 credit. 

T3 Sessions


Session Title: Social & Emotional Support of Students

DATE: Friday, February 10 @ 11 am PT

Perpetual Zoom Link:  https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/81665136502?pwd=UTZhM3drT21VdnpHeDA2TFB6YWR1Zz09
Perpetual Password: T3iSchool

Presenter: Taryn Reiner

In 2021, Taryn Reiner joined the San José State University School of Information as a member of the Student Services Team. In her role she advises graduate students enrolled in the fully online master’s degree and certificate programs, along with supporting students who are experiencing academic difficulties. Previously, she was an elementary and high school counselor for about 20 years in California, New Mexico, and Hawai’i.

Overview:  Using case examples from iSchool faculty, Taryn will address ways instructors who don’t possess backgrounds in counseling/psychology can reach out to students who appear to be in need of help with minimal invasion of their privacy.  Taryn will suggest referral options and resources to suggest.

Session Title:  Enhancing Student Success by Using Leganto

DATE: Tuesday, March 21 @ 11 am PT

Perpetual Zoom Link:  https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/81665136502?pwd=UTZhM3drT21VdnpHeDA2TFB6YWR1Zz09
Perpetual Password: T3iSchool

Presenters:  Andrew Chae; Micah Jeffries; Adriana Poo; Christa Bailey, Suzie Bahmanyar

Andrew Chae, MLK Library, iSchool Librarian

Micah Jeffries, MLK Library, Interim Director of User Experience

Adriana Poo, MLK Library, Academic Liaison Librarian

Christa Bailey, MLK Library, Academic Liaison Librarian

Suzie Bahmanyar, MLK Library, Academic Liaison Librariane


Join MLK librarians for a T3 session focused on implementing a library course material tool called Leganto. Some iSchool faculty are using Leganto in their courses, but others may not be familiar with it.  This tool is able to integrate required and recommended readings, videos and other course materials right into Canvas. Leganto is set up as an opt-in addition in Canvas right now, which unfortunately means many faculty have not made the tool available to their students yet. If Leganto is adopted it helps with facilitating access to library licensed and open access course materials. The session will  provide a demonstration and conversation to see how we can drive greater adoption of this powerful course material tool for iSchool students.

Here is a recorded presentation and slide deck that provide information you can explore before the T3 presentation.

 Session Title: Addressing Academic Skills: A New Gateway Story

DATE: Wednesday, April 12 @ 11 am PT

Perpetual Zoom Link:  https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/81665136502?pwd=UTZhM3drT21VdnpHeDA2TFB6YWR1Zz09
Perpetual Password: T3iSchool

Presenters: Anthony Bernier, iSchool Faculty; Bill Fisher, iSchool Faculty Emeritus; Stephen Abram, iSchool PhD graduate (2/23)

Overview: Our Gateway faculty and students completed a survey identifying the academic skills necessary for success. The faculty prioritized these skills and scheduled them for discussion throughout Gateway’s monthly cohort meetings and residencies. This session will share the experience so far, offer discussion for a potentially similar process for MLIS program, and solicit responses in Q&A.

Sessions offered through SJSU’s eCampus
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Please register for any workshop directly on the eCampus website by clicking the link included with each workshop listed, and complete the evaluation form when you have taken the workshop.
A recording and evaluation link is available for asynchronous viewing of T3 sessions.
Each T3 session is available in the T3 Archive located in the Canvas iSchool Faculty site.


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