Course Structure #4


4 Links or explanations of technical support are available in the course (i.e., each course provides suggested solutions to potential technical issues and/or links for technical assistance).

Deficient      Developing      Accomplished     Exemplary

A link to the school’s technical support form is prominently placed in each Canvas course site. 

Technical support resources are all gathered and listed on one web page. Links to the page are included in each course site. The page is also linked from other technical support resources.

Instructions for LMS tech support are prominently posted on the LMS login page, each student’s LMS home page, and in numerous additional locations. Emails are occasionally distributed to remind iSchool faculty and students of how to seek technical support.

The School’s pages about Zoom web conferencing and Zoom IM include technical support information.

Faculty members are encouraged to set up a Technical Issues discussion forum within their course sites.

Standard information about the University’s Accessible Education Center (AEC), including a link to the AEC web site, is included on each syllabus.

The School requires all students and faculty members to have anti-virus software. This requirement is included in the Home Computing Environment specifications. These requirements also include the necessity of using back-up media for safe file storage. INFO 203, a required class for all new students, further emphasizes the importance of backing up data and provides specific strategies for how to keep data safe.

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