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Zoom Desktop Client

If you have previously joined a Zoom meeting, the Desktop Client application – Zoom Chat- is probably already installed on your computer. To ensure that you are running the most recent version of Zoom, check out this quick tutorial on how to update Zoom on your computer.

Getting Started 

1. Launch the Zoom Desktop Client application on your computer.

2. Click the option to the SSO (Single Sign-On) option. 

3. You’ll be asked to enter your email – enter sjsu

Sign in with SSO

4.Enter your ID and SJSUOne password. After DUO authentication, follow the prompts to open your Zoom desktop client. 

5.Next you should see the desktop app (shown below). Once you have logged in, you will see the main dialog box as shown below. The default tab is Home.

Modifying Settings

To change your preferences for notifications of new messages:

1. Open the Zoom desktop app and click Settings cog in the upper right corner.

2. In the left menu, select Chat.

You will see a variety of settings related to notifications which you can change and save.

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