Student Support #7


7. Students have access to effective academic, personal, and career counseling.

Deficient    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary

Academic Advising and Problem Support

We have a fully developed network of advising services and resources. Faculty pathway advisors are available to consult with any student regarding focused questions related to course selection and career path. Our Student Services Team assists with administrative and procedural advisement, resources, and outreach.

Our Student Outreach Specialist helps with advising and runs an extensive advising site on Canvas to which all students are joined.

Students also have access to the Graduate Advisor who oversees the advising process and answers questions and deals with complaints. She also talks with prospective students. In support of students the Graduate Advisor maintains the iSchool Curriculum Center blog and answers questions posted there.

Career Support

The iSchool has a career center liaison dedicated to iSchool. She is available to answer questions and provide career support. She also runs a career blog for students.

The iSchool also provides:

Physical or Learning Disability

If a student has a learning disability they can register with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) which works with online students. The iSchool provides captioning and transcription.

Writing Support

The iSchool provides writing tutoring support for its online students:

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