Adriana Lebrón White
Children's Librarian, Seguin Public Library

A person with light skin and shoulder-length dark hair smiling and wearing glasses, a necklace, and blue top with dots.

Adriana Lebrón White is a librarian at the Seguin Public Library. After being diagnosed with autism in her 30s, she now advocates for more inclusive and accessible libraries.

Much of her work focuses on what librarians can learn from neurodivergent patrons and staff. She has led professional development sessions on topics such as autism-friendly programs and procedures, how to support neurodivergent library staff, and authentic representations of neurodiversity and disability in children’s books.

Adriana is also a writer, public speaker, and former special education teacher. She delivered a TEDx Talk about neurodiversity in 2021, and she was a 2021 recipient of a Walter Grant from We Need Diverse Books. She contributed multiple selections to the 2nd edition of Programming for Autistic Children and Teens (ALA, 2021), including pieces on Universal Design for libraries, autistic authors, and intersectionality. Her writing has appeared on websites like We Need Diverse Books and in magazines like ALA’s Booklist.

Adriana has a Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Special Education, and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with graduate certificates in Storytelling and Youth Services in Libraries.