nicholae cline
Librarian for Media Studies, Gender Studies, & Philosophy, Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

Photo of nicholae who has short brown hair and facial hair, glasses, and a light brown button-up shirt.

nicholae (they/them) is a mixed-race Indigenous (Coharie), queer, nonbinary/gendervoid, disabled knowledge worker at Indiana University, where they are the Librarian for Media Studies, Gender Studies, and Philosophy and liaison to the Race, Migration, & Indigeneity and Native American & Indigenous Studies programs. They are committed to dreaming and manifesting justice and joy into the present however they can, particularly through critiquing power and dismantling oppression and domination in all their various forms, cultivating wayward/otherwise spaces where we can learn and love together, and supporting collective liberation and sovereignty for the many beings (including the land and waters that hold us, wherever we are) with whom we share this world.