Beth Wrenn-Estes
Lecturer, San José State University School of Information


eth Wrenn-Estes is a lecturer at the San José State University School of Information. She has been teaching courses in the youth services career pathway of the iSchool’s MLIS program for eight years. Previously, she worked at Lone Tree Library in Douglas County, Colorado as a youth services librarian and was responsible for both programming and services. Fueled by her passion for libraries and youth, Wrenn-Estes is currently researching Early Childhood Literacy and Learning in library and non-library environments. Wrenn-Estes’ research interests also include information seeking behaviors of youth and serving disconnected youth in public and school populations through both children and young adult literature, as well as effective and diverse programming and services.

Wrenn-Estes received the iSchool’s Outstanding Teacher Award in 2012 and The Most Distinguished (Faculty) Service award in 2014.