Nichole Brown
Librarian II, Oakland Public Library and Treasurer, California Library Association

Photo of Nichole Brown, a Black woman with locks wearing a green top.

Nichole is a Branch Manager at the Oakland Public Library with over 20 years in the field of Librarianship, all of which has been in California. Nichole started her career in children’s services and will always be a children’s librarian at heart, no matter where the profession leads her.

Currently, she is also serving as treasurer of the California Library Association, and she has been a dedicated member, leader and presenter for several years. She has also served on multiple awards committees over the years, such as CLA Begun and Beatty awards, the Global Literature in Libraries award and IBPAs Benjiman Franklin awards for independently published works.

Born in New Jersey, she moved with her family to the Bay Area when she was seven years old. Nichole is a proud Bay Area resident, and alumnus of the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Ethnic Studies and minors in African American and Chicano Studies. She earned her Masters of Library and Information Science Degree at San Jose State University, focusing on youth services.