What is Mindfulness, Anyway?
Diversity Webinar Series

Webcast Jamie Lin, MLIS

Everyone’s talking about it as a way to de-stress, be more productive, and improve mental health. It’s now a billion-dollar business that includes corporate trainings, apps, products, and online courses… but what actually is mindfulness, anyway? This webinar will examine the recent popularity of mindfulness in Western society, as well as its history and tradition as a Buddhist spiritual practice. What parts of mindfulness have been embraced and adopted by our culture, and which portions have been ignored? What do its proponents rave about, and what do its critics argue? Is mindfulness a cultural movement, or is it a fad? Is it a spiritual endeavor, or an intellectual one? Is it political or apolitical, activist or apathetic? Is it an example of globalization, or is it cultural appropriation? These are some of the questions that will arise during the exploration of this topic. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of mindfulness, be able to detangle the ongoing conversations surrounding it, and perhaps develop a curiosity to learn more!